All Your Online Gaming Needs at Luxury Casino

luxury-casino-reviewChoosing the right online casino to play at can be a difficult choice, as there are so many different ones available for you to play at. There are a number of things you should consider before you decide to take the plunge and join a specific casino. Of course, you should do your due-diligence to make sure the casino you want to play at is run professionally and is run on a secure platform.

Fortunately there are many good quality online casinos available now as far as being run securely and having excellent customer support. So it is really down to the type of games a casino has, and how often they update their games too. One of the best around is called Luxury Casino. This is an established casino brand that is run by a very experienced casino group that fully understands what the online gambler wants and needs from a good quality casino site.

One of the alluring things about Luxury Casino is the massive range of games they have. They also use Microgaming games, which are by far the best brand of online casino games available. There are around 500 games inside the Luxury Casino, and they also add new ones all the time as soon as they are released.

Some of the latest games from Microgaming have been a massive hit, such as the Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park. The Luxury Casino has all of these, and they will add more similar games every month, on the days that they are released. This is a great way to keep up with the very latest games, and see what comes out on a regular basis.

To get you started off the right way, Luxury Casino also provides all of its new users a $1,000 sign up bonus as soon as they create their account there. This is not only a great way for you to try out some of their games without having to spend any of your own money, but it is also a great way for you to win some money and get off to the best possible start.

How to find the top online casinos

The best way to learn what the best casinos are is to simply go and ask the people who have been there. Input from other gamblers and visitors to the online casinos is usually the best way to tell, as they will give you an honest opinion, and will not try to tell you if the place was better than it actually was. They are not paid to endorse the place and thus have no obligation to say what is not true. If you cannot locate someone who has been there, then you may want to check out some online reviews that will give you feedback as well as information in regards to what it is that they feel about the place.

Listen to what they have to offer, and find out as much as you can. Then you will be able to make a good decision as to whether you should go to that casino.

Looking For Fun

In the minds of many people, gambling is a great way to rest and relax by partaking in mindless fun. Some people think it’s just a weekend of forgetfulness and partying – quite literally what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, it may be best to know what you are getting into before you simply head out to the casino and start spending your hard earned money.

Or, you could stay in the comfort of your own home and save a lot of money. Many online casinos offer great bonuses where you don’t have to spend a cent. Bear in mind, though, these casinos will require you to deposit money if you win big. But it’s a good time to just relax, and try out that online casino.

You are going to want to know what the best gambling casinos are and how it is you are going to be able to get to them and enjoy them. So do your work and look a few things up as you will learn, it is best to go in with a plan and some answers as opposed to simply going in and not having a clue as to what you will be getting into.

Want to See Your Favourite TV Series Turned Into a Slot Game?

A television series that became popular in many countries around the world recently was The Game of Thrones. It developed a huge following and it soon became an integral part of people’s weeks as they looked forward to the next episode. The series was packed full of thrills, excitement and even tense anxiety at times, and really kept people on the edge of their seats.

If you know anything about online casino game producers, Microgaming, you will have seen that over the last couple of years they have been producing video slot games that have followed the themes of successful movies. Examples of this have been Battlestar Galactica, Tomb Raider and Jurassic Park. But recently they released The Game of Throne slot, and it has been a massive success since it was introduced to the online casinos that use Microgaming games.


What Microgaming is great at is transferring all of the key elements that made all of the movies and TV series so successful, and putting them into a casino slot game. They know how to replicate all of the characters accurately, and build exciting and entertaining bonus features around the main parts of the original movies and series.

Due to the popularity of games such as the ones mentioned above, we will likely see many more like this coming out over the next year or so. This is very exciting, as the games that Microgaming produce just keep getting better and better. So what they have planned for the future is surely going to keep a lot of online gamers very happy.

If you think of just how many successful blockbuster movies they could transfer into a slot game, the potential is endless. As long as these kinds of games remain popular with the players, Microgaming will continue to produce them. And as the quality keeps getting better and better alongside technological advancements, we are certainly in for some exciting times as far as online casino games go.

Some of the Best Casino Games Now Available for Mobile Devices

When mobile casinos were first introduced, there were hardly any games available on the mobile platform, and those mobile-casinos-1athat were just were not at the standard of some of the best games available in regular online casinos. This is not the case anymore, and although there are still not the high volume of casino games available for mobile devices, the ones that are offer incredible quality.

Although it may take a little longer for new games to be built onto the mobile (HTML5) platform, they are being produced at a much faster rate these days. This is because the use of mobile casinos has increased significantly over the last year or so, and the online casino operators want to ensure that they can cater for their mobile players.

Mobile casino game examples

If you are a regular player at online casinos then you will probably have your own selection of your favourite games to play. There are a lot of games that are incredibly popular and many of these are now available for mobile devices. Here are some examples of some of the most popular games now available for mobile usage:

Thunderstruck II Mobile

Both the original and version II of Thunderstruck were massively popular with the online casino world, and the decision to make Thunderstruck II available in the mobile casinos was an easy one. It provides a lot of entertainment for the player, and offers some really exciting bonus features too.

Immortal Romance Mobile

The entire concept of this game was thought up and produced by Microgaming, who are the leaders on online casino game development and production. It has been a massive hit since its introduction into both regular online casinos and mobile casino sites and continues to be a firm favourite.

Kathmandu Mobile Slot

A fairly new offering in the mobile casinos, this game offers a very unique theme and one that players have really taken too. It doesn’t offer the massive range of features that some of the other blockbuster games provide, but it is still a very fun game to play with a decent size jackpot available.

Understanding Bonuses

Online casinos use bonuses to entice players to head to their casino from around the world. This is one of the major differences between online casinos and their physical variations. Bonus incentives allow a player to be rewarded for doing very little, and are mostly offered to first time players.

These SIGN UP BONUSES are designed to keep your business and require you to deposit money into the online casino bank. Sign up bonuses are usually a percentage match with a cap on size. This means the casino will offer to match your deposit with a multiplied percentage up to a certain point. If the casino offers two hundred per cent up to two thousand dollars then you can deposit up to one thousand dollars to take advantage of this. There are many different types of bonuses, Canadian Gambling Choice does a good job explaining them all in their glossary if you want to have a look.

In any case, it is important for a player to know how the online casino of their choice will award these bonuses. Besides the types of bonuses it is important to know keep in mind the rules associated with them. Many bonuses will have time requirements attached to them. These often range from two to four months.

After that, the bonus money will expire and not be for use. Always research the time constraints on bonuses when you start playing. Many casinos will have specific rules regarding which games allow for bonuses to be used. Generally the games with lower edges or higher yields will be off limits to bonus money. Casinos will offer various VIP packages to their most loyal customers, which might include increased bonuses and other reward schemes. A study can be found here.

The labouchere betting system in roulette

This Labouchere betting system is also called the cancellation system and is a negative progression system. It is one of the three most important systems to know, according to this article on one of our favorite New Zealand gambling blogs!

Write it all down

In this system of betting a player writes down a series of numbers. There is no minimum or maximum number and they can be in any order. Each number tells the player how many units to bet. You bet the first and last numbers so if you wrote down 14792 you would bet 1 and 2 which is 3 units.

Next in line

If you win using those numbers, cross them off the list and bet the next two end numbers. But, if you lose you add the total number to the end of the series of numbers so if you bet 1 and 2 and lost you would add a 3 to the end of the list.

A little rain must fall

The biggest risk using this system is that you may end up risking larger bets and losing more than your initial amount.


The sum of the numbers listed is the profit you can expect to walk away with, or continue betting with.


It is said winning isn’t everything but using a system when betting takes the feeling of chaos out of the equation, so to speak. This tracking system will let you know your wins v losses while at the table. Just remember to keep track. And good luck!